Donna Simmons, aka the "accounting witch", is one of the most professional and nicest folks you'll ever meet. She got the name because of her dedication to her job and detailed focus towards properly tracking income and expenditures. While the Magoo-Crew says "witch" jokingly, Donna sees it as an earned honor. 

Donna got to know Margaret Eyster during her 20+ years as a commercial property manager in Greenspoint.  Prior to commercial property management, Donna had executive assistant/bookkeeping experience in secondary mortgage marketing, stock brokerage, two stints in petrochemical services, and two family-owned businesses.  After becoming semi-retired Donna joined the Magoo-Crew to handle the accounting on a part-time basis.

Her days off allow her to luxuriate in her current favorite pastimes: reading, hunting for treasured additions to her antique collections, and spending time with friends.



Q & A

Q: Cherished Distinction?
A: Blessed to be a Native Texan.

Q: Current favorite fiction author?
A: Texas author, Jodi Thomas

Q: What's your favorite movie?
A: All-time favorite - Dr. Zhivago (the book, too!)

Q: What's your favorite sport?
A: Auto racing

Q: What's your favorite printing product?
A: Anything with thermography, embossing, or die-cut.

Q: What's your favorite paper?
A: Wausau Astroparche Natural

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